Simplify your account management with account tagging

Introducing Account Tagging We know that managing numerous accounts across platforms can be challenging. Our latest feature, Account Tagging, has been created to solve this problem. The new feature is available for all Supermerics users. This simple yet powerful feature allows you to choose different data source accounts and group those accounts using different tags to best serve your needs.   What's New? Create dynamic groups using account tagsManage your accounts with ease using our new account tagging feature. This allows you to search, select, and tag accounts to create dynamic groups for easy access and management across Supermetrics products.Use account tags to fetch data from multiple accountsApply your account tags in any Supermetrics product when creating a query or transfer. This streamlines the process, saving you time and effort. Dynamically updating tagsMake changes to account tags centrally in Supermetrics Hub with changes reflecting dynamically across both triggers and transfers ensuring reports continue to update and run smoothly. Quick start guideNavigate to the data sources section in the Hub. Click on the "Account Management" tab. Select a data source and connection. Search or filter your accounts based on criteria (e.g., region, client, use-case).  Create one or multiple tags based on your selection.  Navigate to any Supermetrics product and select the tag in the account selection dialogue. Read more about how to use the feature here: Connect with us We’re committed to supporting you. Here’s how you can get help and provide feedback.Share your thoughtsWe’d love to hear your feedback on the new updates. Let us know right here in the Supermetrics Community how you feel about the new features! Need assistance? If you need assistance, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us on Supermetrics Support


What's new at Supermetrics in July 2024

Happy July, and great to see you here again. In this edition of the Supermetrics round-up, we’ll share the latest news about the Supermetrics Hub, connectors, events, and content. The Supermetrics Hub homepage has a new look The updated Supermetrics Hub homepage highlights different parts of the platform based on your usage, ensuring you get the most value from every visit.Things you can expect to see: Query summary chart: See the status of your queries from different data sources as well as in different reporting destinations, such as Google Sheets, Excel, Looker Studio, and Power BI. Data warehousing transfers chart: For teams running transfers, keep track of the latest status and summary with ease. Collaboration: Manage your team with tools for inviting users, managing roles, and more if you’re the team admin or owner. Personalized resources, tips & tricks: Access tutorials and support articles tailored to your specific reporting destinationsCheck out all the highlighted sections from Supermetrics Hub.  Connector of the month: TikTok AdsTikTok isn't just for dance trends anymore. Marketers are using it to connect and build connections with their audience.If you haven't tried out the TikTok Ads connector yet, now is the time. With it, you can:Track all key ad metrics: Impressions, clicks, conversions, costs, and more Granular reporting: Slice data by campaign, ad, time (including hourly!), and demographics Detailed conversions: Analyze in-app and page event conversionsStart your trial todayStart your free trial! New early-access connectorsThis month, we're bringing you three new connectors, including:Adobe Commerce (Magento): Unlock the power of your ecommerce data with this connector. Seamlessly pull in your sales, orders, and customer insights from Adobe Commerce to gain a comprehensive view of your online sales. Google Play Console: Understand how your app is performing with the help of Supermetrics Google Play Console connector. Analyze data, such as Installs, Reviews, and Ratings, to optimize your app listing and promotion campaigns. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings: Want to understand the unique reach and frequency of your advertising campaigns across publishers? With this connector, you can pull lifetime campaign data split by demographics, sites, and platforms. To access these connectors, log in to your Supermetrics Hub, click 'Connect', choose 'Data sources', and search for the connector you want to try.Want to pull data from a brand-new platform? Head over to the Supermetrics product roadmap and leave us a request.All new connectors for you to try!Community tip of the month: How to create a visual presentation of traffic sources in Looker Studio dashboardOur favorite tip of this month is using Google’s API to fetch favicons for different domains. This makes your dashboard more visually appealing and easy for the audience to understand which metrics belong to which platforms. Thanks to our community member, Erik, for this helpful hack! You can find more marketing analytics tricks in this thread.Read more about this helpful hack in the thread. Recording: Product updates July 2024In case you missed our Community Exclusive event, Product Updates July 2024, here’s the recording:Check out the recording Don’t miss any upcoming events. Check out and register for our events here.  Podcast: Building brand awareness, testing data-driven creative, and developing client trust with ChatterBlast MediaIn this episode of The Marketing Intelligence Show, Jessica Gondolfo, Head of US Regional Marketing at Supermetrics, is joined by Joe Mineo, the Associate Director of Ads and Analytics at ChatterBlast – a creative powerhouse of any agency backed up by deep data. Tune in to learn how to:Shift gears and build brand awareness with the power of short-form content Do A/B testing to find the data to create visuals and messaging that resonate with your target audience Secure all your historical data using Supermetrics and BigQuery Empower your clients with data access and avoid vendor lock-in with SupermetricsListen to full episode here.   From reporting to strategy: Kaimera's journey with Supermetrics for data-driven marketingWith Supermetrics' Marketing Intelligence Cloud, Kaimera can now perform complex analysis, make advanced insights, and make strategic decisions across the entire business, not just marketing. Read this case study to learn how Kameira:Provide clear and actionable reports for their clients Extract deeper and more meaningful insights with a centralized data modelRead more here. Table Group Endpoints empower your new teamDo you oversee multiple teams under one umbrella? Are you tired of manually creating table groups for each team?Table Group Endpoints is a new, centralized, and automated solution for data warehouse transfers. With this feature, you can back up the table groups and effortlessly import them into multiple teams or even different data warehouses using scripts, eliminating the need for manual work. Once imported, customize these table groups further with the Table Manager. Reach out to your customer success representatives for more information.View documentation. Events Catch Us at Data Expo in Utrecht!We're thrilled to announce that our team will be at Data Expo in Utrecht on September 11-12! Join us at our booth to discover the latest innovations and updates from Supermetrics. Don't miss out on the chance to engage with our experts and participate in our exciting competition, where you could win some fantastic prizes!Be sure to mark your calendars and come visit us—we look forward to seeing you there! Join us at DMEXCO in Cologne!We’re excited to join DMEXCO in Cologne on September 18-19! Come visit our booth to explore the latest updates from Supermetrics and enter our competition for a chance to win amazing prizes.Plus, don’t miss our exclusive masterclass on "Modern Marketing Measurement with Supermetrics and Google Cloud," co-hosted with Google Cloud. It's an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights into advanced marketing strategies and data integration.Save the date and join us in Cologne for an event you won't want to miss! 🎯 That’s it for July. See you again in August! 

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New connector releases: Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings & Google Search Ads 360

🥁 Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is now available in Early Access 🥁 Are you looking for a report that displays all the important analytics from Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, such as unique reach and average frequency? With the help of Supermetrics' Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings connector, not only can you slice the data by sites, audiences, and platforms, but you can also blend them with other paid media data that our connector library offers. Unlock new powerful insights today! You can try this connector for free in Google Sheets, Excel, API, and data warehouse products.👉 Try it out now! What's more? We also have… Google Search Ads 360 (SA360) - fully released 🎉 With the old Search Ads 360 Reporting API being deprecated, we have released a new Google Search Ads 360 connector that matches the new API and helps you transition seamlessly. This also means that the connector is available in all our products, including Looker Studio, Google Sheets, Excel, PowerBI, API, and data warehouse products. With this connector, you can:Identify the best-performing search engines and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Compare campaign performance trends YTD or MOM. Combine data with those from other paid media channels to create a budget-pacing report.Start a 14-day free trial today.Don't forget to check out our Product Roadmap for more exciting items in the cooking! We'll be coming back for more news - stay tuned 😎

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Introducing a new and improved Supermetrics Hub homepage!

 We're excited to share the enhanced Supermetrics Hub homepage with you. Designed to be more dynamic and personalized, it now offers more relevant content, helpful guidance, and streamlined navigation.Discover the benefitsThe updated Supermetrics Hub homepage highlights different parts of the platform based on your access, ensuring you get the most value from every visit. Stay informed with the Query summary chart: Instantly check the status of your queries in Google Sheets, Excel, Data Looker Studio, Power BI, or Hub. With a quick glance, you'll know where your data stands, and a simple click takes you to a detailed usage overview for deeper insights.Effortless monitoring with the Data warehousing transfers chart: for teams running transfers, keep track of latest status and summary with ease. A single click lets you view all transfer runs, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Streamlined data transformations: Unlock the power of data transformation with prompts to create your first data blend and custom field. See the most recent transformations and navigate to the transformations page to enhance your data workflow. Quick connections for trial users: Easily connect to other data sources with a convenient shortcut, helping you get the most out of your trial period and explore new possibilities. Enhanced collaboration: Manage your team with tools for inviting users, managing roles, and more if you’re the team admin or owner. Personalized resources, tips & tricks: Access tutorials and support articles tailored to your specific destinations, ensuring you get the most relevant and helpful information right at your fingertips. Curated templates: Discover templates that match your licensed destinations, helping you jumpstart your projects with ease and efficiency. Stay updated with must reads from our blog: Keep up with the latest trends, tips, and knowledge-sharing posts to stay ahead of the curve. Direct access to your destinations: A shortcut to pages dedicated to your licensed destinations with relevant materials. Comprehensive list of available data sources: See all sources you connected and those that are still available, click to manage connections easily. Transparent license overview: Easily view your licenses by destination and status, explore package details, and find upgrade options to suit your evolving needs.We believe this new homepage will help you find what you need more efficiently and make sure you get the most out of the Supermetrics platform. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share any suggestions you have to enhance your experience. We're always eager to learn and improve! 


What’s new at Supermetrics in June 2024

Happy June! 🌞We’re back with a new edition of ‘What’s new at Supermetrics’. In this article, we’ll share the latest product developments, events, and content, including:Connector of the month New early-access connector Connector improvements Webinar Customer stories PodcastConnector of the month: Google Analytics 4Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the most popular web analytics tool. It allows marketers to track website events and analyze visitors’ behavior.With Supermetrics, you can go beyond GA4’s native reporting UI and bring your data into a reporting tool of your choice to do deeper analysis. For example, combine web analytics data with paid ad data or build custom reports. If you're still updating some of your old Universal Analytics reports with GA4 data, check out our GA4 Knowledge Center for more helpful guides and content. Make sure you've migrated all the reports before July 1, when the Universal Analytics platform stops functioning.  GA4 is our connector of the month Start using the GA4 connector New early-access connector WooCommerce is finally in early accessThe much-requested WooCommerce connector is finally in early access. With it, you can pull your ecommerce data and see how your order volumes or sales are developing. You can also combine WooCommerce data with your paid media channels and evaluate how much your paid campaigns contribute to sales. Try it now. Connector improvements We're constantly working on improving our connectors, and here are the latest improvements to our existing connectors. Google Analytics 4 new fieldsWe've added several new "session" dimensions for you to report with. These fields will help you analyze your web traffic even better. Session manual campaign name Session manual creative format Session manual marketing tactic Session manual medium Session manual source Session manual source/medium Session manual source platformGoogle Analytics 4 field changeGoogle renamed "Conversions" into "Key events", so the terminology should change the next time you refresh fields. This shouldn't impact your reports.  TikTok Ads By popular request, we added the ability to fetch deleted campaigns/ad groups/ads with the TikTok Ads connector. You can enable this feature by adding the "Include deleted objects" setting to the Options. Please note that enabling this will likely increase the size of requests from the TikTok API and may cause performance issues, so it should be used only when necessary. X Public Data We have added two new metrics to the "Twitter tweets by keyword" and "Twitter user tweets" report types:Replies Quotes 🎥 Webinar: Demystifying marketing mix modeling (MMM) The quest for increasing effectiveness and efficiency of marketing data has led to higher demand for Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), a "sophisticated analytical tool" that can help organizations plan their next moves as strategically as possible. But what exactly is MMM and how are companies using MMM in their marketing day to day?Join us live at 2 p.m. AEST/12 p.m. SGT on Tuesday, June 11, to hear more about the fundamentals of MMM and how to get started or if it's the right journey for you..In this very special fireside chat, we're bringing together experts from Mutinex, SEEK, and Supermetrics to discuss how marketers can determine when they need a market mix model.Tune in on this live webinar to learn more about:What types of businesses should use MMM The signs that you might be missing market mix in your measurement conversations What type of questions marketing mix models can help you answer How to make a successful case for market mix internally Answer your questions about how to get the process startedRegister Now Supermetrics Meetup is Coming to Munich on the June 19  Get ready to elevate your marketing game at the Supermetrics Meetup: Using Data to Power your Next Step, proudly sponsored by LinkedIn. Join us for an engaging in-person event where industry experts will discuss how to use data to power your next step.This is your chance to gain invaluable insights and network with like-minded professionals.Seats are limited, so ensure you don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Reserve your spot today by registering here. Webinar recording: How Agencies turn analytics into actionable resultsWatch our webinar, co-hosted with Imajery, 'How agencies turn analytics into actionable results', from May 23, 2024. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this webinar pinpoints actions you can take to elevate your agency's performance and deliver measurable results for your clients. Don't miss this opportunity to master the art of analytics consolidation and propel your agency toward success. Watch recording. Customer stories of the month How McCann Central streamlined reporting, boosted efficiency, and unlocked profitability with SupermetricsMcCann Central, a leading marketing agency, found themselves needing help with siloed data across multiple platforms. They needed a solution to consolidate their data, automate reporting, and gain actionable insights for their clients' marketing campaigns.We caught up with Oliver Dew, Operations Director, and Simon Barks, Director of Analytics at McCann Central, to learn how they used Supermetrics' Marketing Intelligence Cloud and saved roughly 240 days a year, boosted efficiency, increased profitability, and future-proofed their growth. Read the full case study. How Feld Entertainment unifies marketing data with Supermetrics to power data-driven insights and better marketing ROIFeld Entertainment produces thousands of live events annually, like Disney on Ice and Monster Jam. They use a combination of online and offline channels to promote the events. However, fragmented data across platforms and regions made it difficult to prove the value of their marketing efforts.Learn how Jen Whorton, Senior Manager for Database and Data Management at Feld Entertainment, implemented Supermetrics for Power BI to unify their data. They gained more actionable insights, built trust within the global organization, and slashed reporting time from hours to minutes.Read the full case study. 🎧 Podcast: How Imajery uses data to prove value across the entire customer journeyIn this data-packed episode of The Marketing Intelligence Show, Jessica Gondolfo, Head of US Regional Marketing at Supermetrics, is joined by Jay Sala, Founder and CEO, and Sanjay Mayar, VP of Growth, at Imajery. Together, they’ll reveal how Imajery uses data to acquire clients and build trust across the customer journey.Tune in to learn:How to use data to make smarter marketing decisions Why client alignment is key to successful campaigns The importance of clear & concise reporting How to use Supermetrics to streamline your marketing dataListen to the full episode. 👋 And that’s a wrap for June. See you in July with more exciting updates. 


What’s new at Supermetrics in May 2024

Introducing Usage report“How much are we using Supermetrics?” That’s a very fair question, especially when you want to know how to maximize Supermetrics. To answer this, we’re introducing enhanced usage reports. As the name suggests, this report gives insights into your usage, for example:How often does your team use Supermetrics? What are your most popular data sources? What are your most popular reporting destinations? How long do your queries take on average? Log in to and visit the Usage report.Supermetrics for Power BI is now certified by MicrosoftAs a certified solution, Supermetrics for Power BI is now featured in the connector gallery, allowing direct access to Power BI. This means:You can directly access and connect Supermetrics from Power BI Desktop There’s no need to install any separate files for Supermetrics You can use Power BI’s built-in features to schedule automatic data refreshes in your reportsStreamlined data transfer monitoring experience for data warehouse usersData warehouse users can now create and monitor their data transfers on one page, including detailed logs for backfills, transfer runs, and queue lists for up to 365 days.Supermetrics sidebar in Google Sheets got a new lookYou may have noticed the small updates we made to our sidebar in Google Sheets in the past couple of months. But more than the look and feel, we also improve the functionality and user experience of the good old Supermetrics sidebar, including:The new Home tab keeps everything you need within reach Suggested queries: The most popular queries among our marketers Template and workflow: Find our pre-made templates and jump-start your reporting in Google Sheets Conditional alerts to your email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams You can now set up alerts for specific data conditions in your spreadsheets, such as values greater than, less than, or equal to a certain threshold. These alerts can be received via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This way, you’ll stay on top of your performance and get notified when something requires your attention. Read more about this new feature from our customer support page Easy access to your team and license information in the Profile tab Adding team members: Simplify team management by adding new members Switch team: If you’re a member of several teams, you can switch easily here LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report x HubSpotLinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report is now available for HubSpot CRM customers.LinkedIn Revenue Attribution Report leverages the power of CRM data, such as those from Salesforce and now HubSpot, to help marketers show how their efforts on LinkedIn influence business outcomes. Marketers can now then:Identify which campaigns on LinkedIn have contributed the most to revenue Present the trend from campaigns to leads, open opportunities, and closed-won deals Gain a better understanding of campaigns’ ROASDiscover how your LinkedIn ad campaigns influenced closed won deals and business revenue using our revenue attribution reporting template for Looker Studio.Webinar: How agencies turn analytics into actionable resultsWith so much data coming from online ads and analytics tools, marketing agencies need to turn it into clear insights and actions that help their clients succeed. But what does that mean in practice? How can you turn data into tangible results?Join us for a webinar with Zach Bricker, Supermetrics’ Lead Solutions Engineer, and Nicholas Baldassarre, Imagery’s Data Lead, where they’ll discuss best practices for bringing value to clients, including:Methods and best practices for consolidating data and finding insights How to align your marketing insights with your client’s objectives Advanced analytics techniques, including segmentation, attribution modeling, and trend analysis, to uncover hidden opportunities and optimize marketing efforts Save your seat here.Cannes Lions, Mumbrella360, and Supermetrics MeetupGoing to marketing conferences is a great way to learn new ideas and expand your networks. Come say hi to the Supermetrics team if you’re going to one of these events:Cannes Lions (June): We’ll be attending Cannes Lions, a global advertising industry event. If you’d like to meet us, let us know by filling out this form. Mumbrella360 (May 21-23):  Our CEO,  Anssi Rusi,  will discuss “Elevating marketing as the growth engine in your organization” on May 22 at 11:45 a.m. Supermetrics Meetup Munich (June 19): In this meetup, we’ll discuss how to use data to power marketing strategies. Additionally, there’ll be opportunities to gain insights and network with other professionals. Register here to reserve your spot.Customer success story: Building new products with improved efficiency using SupermetricsFirst Tube is a full-service content and brand engagement agency, working with hundreds of household names like Bacardi, Mastercard, and American Airlines to produce, host, advertise, and elevate their digital experiences.They wanted to create a product that can help brands use live content from events for advertising. However, building data pipelines to gather data from various social media platforms and influencer accounts was a major hurdle. It would be time-consuming, requiring dedicated engineers to manage constantly changing APIs and potential downtime.We caught up with Scott Hoffman, Co-founder and COO, and David Clevinger, VP of Products, to learn how they used Supermetrics to solve these challenges and reduce their time to market by nearly 40% with their Live Look-In product.Read the full case study.Podcast: Impact-based attribution to measure and improve advertising ROIIn this episode, Jessica Gondolfo chats with Zeke Camusio, founder and CEO of Data Speaks. Zeke breaks down the concept of impact-based attribution and explains how it can help you optimize your marketing budget and maximize return on investment (ROI).Tune in to learn:What impact-based attribution is, and how it differs from traditional attribution models How Data Speaks uses machine learning to measure the true impact of marketing campaigns How to identify areas where you can be spending your marketing budget more efficiently How Data Speaks is using Supermetrics to centralize data to acquire customers at scale Tips for converting paid traffic into organic trafficListen to the full episode.And that’s a wrap for May. We’ll see you in June with new updates.